2024 Bugatti Bolide Design, Specs, and Price

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The 2024 Bugatti Bolide is a sports car that has extreme power designed with a racing hypercar. Consumers so frequently requested the wild Bolide experimental hypercar idea that the French automaker decided to build a few for sale. This is the big news this week from a manager at Bugatti. Bolide isn’t just loved by potential buyers; although only a concept, it was voted the most beautiful hypercar of the year.

2024 Bugatti Bolide

2024 Bugatti Bolide Redesign

The final design was only authorized a few weeks ago and is reflected in the most recent prototypes. Surprisingly, the production version appears remarkably similar to the idea that was revealed in 2020—and was never meant for production. The idea arose from a challenge issued by then-Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann to his team to create a Bugatti developed sans any constraints.

The design has a more pronounced roof scoop, fewer fins below the front wheel arches, side mirrors, and a revamped rear wing with an adjustable component. Bugatti stated that its choice to employ real rear view mirrors rather than a more aerodynamically efficient camera system was made since mirrors enable drivers to judge distance from other cars more rapidly.

Bugatti Bolide Exterior

The new Bugatti Bolide’s bodywork is aerodynamic it has been designed in such a way that it can easily surpass by ripping the breezes. It was also designed with minimal structure and optimum downforce. It is not only for the spotlight, but it is also quite light, with a curb weight of only 1240 kg.

For example, the technical team created an entirely new steel monocoque to house the drivetrain. They also used high-strength fiberglass to construct an integrated front bumper flanged to it, providing full aerodynamic efficacy for both the underbody and the monocoque itself.

Bugatti Bolide Interior

We haven’t seen a 2024 Bugatti Bolide cabin with as few embellishments since the race cars of the 1920s, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Although Bugatti doesn’t reveal much about the inside, a tiny screen in front of the U-shaped steering wheel stands out. The sleek central control panel rising from the dash is studded with a number of switches and buttons, and there appear to be rearview cameras in the exterior wings, hinting that all interior rearview mirrors will be screens. The majority of the technology will probably be concealed, however drivers might be able to access varying power levels as they gain experience at the wheel.

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2024 Bugatti Bolide Interior

2024 Bugatti Bolide Specs







No Of Doors

Two Doors

No. Of Rows

Single Row

Seating Capacity

Two People

Fuel Tank Capacity

22 gall.


8.0L W16C


1824 HP


1364 lb-ft.


Dual-Clutch 7-Speed Automatic



0-60 MPH Time

2.2 Seconds


311 MPH

2024 Bugatti Bolide Engine And Performance

The 2024 Bugatti Bolide, as previously announced by Bugatti, has a unique carbon-fiber monocoque with a separate roll cage, as well as innovative cooling, gearbox, and (pushrod) suspension systems. The engine, which is in this case a classic turbocharged 8.0-liter W-16 from Bugatti, is also placed higher than in other Bugatti models.

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2024 Bugatti Bolide Engine

With 98-octane fuel, the engine produces 1,578 horsepower. It can, however, run on 110-octane race fuel, increasing the output to 1,824 horsepower. Because the automobile is intended for track use, all four turbochargers are always engaged. The engine has also been tweaked to rev higher than in standard Bugattis, and it is coupled to an enhanced version of the standard 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Bugatti Bolide MPG

Bugatti hasn’t said anything regarding its fuel economy as of yet. However, as we all know, the engine utilized in it is already employed in the Bugatti Chiron, with an efficiency rating of 9 MPG in the city and 14 MPG on highways. In a result, we may anticipate that the recently introduced Bolide will have similar fuel economy to the Chiron. We will, however, update this page once Bugatti has revealed its actual fuel economy rating for 2024.

2024 Bugatti Bolide Safety and Features

Bugatti hasn’t stated anything regarding its safety features or infotainment system, as far as we know. However, unlike other automobiles and crossovers, the new Bugatti Bolide isn’t anticipated to contain additional security measures. Because it is both a hypercar and a supersport vehicle. It lacks airbags, climate control, driver assistance technologies, and an optional infotainment system including like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as does the Bugatti Chiron.

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2024 Bugatti Bolide Price

The new 2024 Bugatti Bolide will most likely only be available in one Bolide configuration. According to Wikipedia and other Automotive News Media websites, the price will most likely begin at four million Euros. If you convert it to USD, the price may start at roughly 4.7 million USD. However, if Bugatti releases the cost for 2024, I will be back with its actual pricing.